I mean it honestly is one of the best shows on television bar none yet no one seems to be watching it. It is visually stunning, the storyline is pretty solid and the acting is superb. It’s sad to see it get sometimes less than 2 million views and then to notice a show like Elementary, which I love…

Elementary has more than earned all those viewers. Why do you feel the need to put down a show you claim to like?


Jonny Lee Miller - Rare Disease Congressional Caucus

Elementary Writers’ Tweet 


is elementary any good?

It’s fantastic!

On set March 19, 2014

On set March 19, 2014


I need a new show to watch. How good is elementary? Is it going to make me cry?

It’s fantastic and yes, at some point you will cry, but it will still be fantastic.


I’m afraid to watch Elementary

It looks like everything I ever wanted in a Sherlock adaptation, which means I’m afraid to ever ever watch it.  It looks so real and heartfelt, and I’m afraid it won’t be and I’ll be really disappointed.

You should watch it!  It IS real and heartfelt and you WON’T be disappointed.  I promise.   Start with Season 1, episode one and you won’t be sorry.  

Jonny Lee Miller in Washington DC 02/27/2014

Jonny Lee Miller in Washington DC 02/27/2014


Saw jlm in cbs2, and it was a really brief bit. Which was a little disappointing. Though I did like his joke that his and Lucy’s chemistry is manufactured in California and then they drink it and then they like each other. Also, he was most suprised by how nyc is kid friendly? And probably cause I…

There was a separate video for his visit to Capitol Hill here:


Also his comment on NYC being kid friendly - he mentioned in a prior interview that he likes how they can just walk to parks, playgrounds, etc. In CA they had to get in car to drive to such kid places. In NYC, it’s on his doorstep.

Jonny Lee Miller in DC on behalf of JJB

Jonny Lee Miller in DC for JJB